3 Smart Tips To Keep Your Commercial Premises Pest-Free

3 Smart Tips To Keep Your Commercial Premises Pest-Free

3 Smart Tips To Keep Your Commercial Premises Pest-FreeRodents, cockroaches and ants are the kind of pests that often found in restaurants, hotels or business that dealing in food. Moreover, bedbugs availability in the couch, upholstery furniture and carpets can affect your customers. In a nutshell, whether it is your home or any office, the pest infestation always plays a vital role in breaking your impression on visitors.

Having pests in your property deteriorate not only your image but also affect your employee’s health. Presence of cockroaches causes asthma and rodents contaminated food deliver diseases like tapeworms and salmonella. Thus, you have to consider making your official building pest-free.

Tips To Make Business Property Pest-Free

  1. Sanitation
    Keeping your property clean from outside or inside can help you to remove the nesting spots. The spiders prefer the dark places to create a web. Regular cleaning of your office interior ensures that all the clutter is removed correctly. Do the vacuuming cleaning at least once in the month. On the other side, trimming of vegetation and eliminating the weeds reduces the risk of pests that make holes in the tree roots. Make sure to keep the garbage bins covered and always remove in the dumpster rather than leaving anywhere.
  2. Follow Food Rules
    Undoubtedly, food can attract a variety of pests. So, don’t leave the leftover food on the counter. If you have unwanted food, throw it in the trash bin that can be covered with a lid tightly. The food soon delivers unpleasant smell, make sure to keep it away from your workplace.
  3. Watch Out For Moisture
    The leaky pipes and drainage system tend to be a food and watering source for the pests. Even, the open drain can be an entrance of rodents and roaches. So, maintenance of plumbing fixtures is necessary to avoid the pests.

There is a variety of pests, and some of these become aggressive when you try to remove them. It is better to call Burnaby Pest to hire pest control and removal professionals. Our licensed pest control specialists provide same day and emergency pest extermination services to our residential and commercial clients.

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