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Bed Bug RemovalBed bugs are tiny brown colored insects that feed on human blood. They can live up to four years and are generally found in and around beds and furniture in residential areas. Their favorite meal is human blood and they breed at a faster pace. In case, you kind these blood-suckers at your home or office, make sure you contact a professional pest control service in Burnaby, BC as soon as possible.

At Burnaby Pest, our professional bed bug exterminators can kill all the bugs and their eggs quickly and effectively. We have a wide range of treatments such as heat treatment, pesticides, canine inspection and elimination and more to prevent them in less time. Our exterminators will inspect the home or office thoroughly and determine the right course of action for complete elimination of bugs.

Identifying A Bed Bug Problem

  • Red Itchy Welts: You wake up in the morning with red & itchy welts on your body.
  • Reddish Brown Dots: Presence of small reddish-brown dots of droppings & blood spots on bedding.
  • Eggs or Molted Skin: Carefully check the mattress or bed linens for bed bug egg shells or shredded skin.
  • Oval-shaped Bugs: Use a magnifying glass to spot reddish brown, oval-shaped, tiny bugs.
  • Unusual Buggy Odor: During large infestation, you may smell “buggy” odor in your home.

Health Concern Due to Bed Bugs

The bed bug bites cause redness and irritation. Most importantly, they disturb your sleep and have a negative effect on your physical and mental health. If you have bugs in your home, there are chances that you suffer from anxiety, insomnia etc.

Licensed & Skilled Bed Bug Control Experts

Burnaby Pest is your local and trusted beg bug removal company in Burnaby, BC. We strive to keep your home or office bed bug free. With years of experience, effective techniques and licensed professionals, we promise to deliver long-term and dependable results to our clients. When you hire us, you get peace of mind knowing that you have support and guidance of bed bug experts. Our professional pest elimination service includes;

  • 100% satisfaction guarantee with long-term protection.
  • Effective heat treatment for dependable and quick elimination
  • Using Eco-friendly products that are safe for your family & pets.
  • A thorough inspection of your property.

For quick bed bug extermination, rely on us.

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