Rat & Mice Extermination in Burnaby, BC

Rat & Mice Extermination in BurnabyRats and mice are tiny pests that are really a headache for the homeowners. Their infestation not only causes clutter but also ruins the health and hygiene of a family. Since rodents are small in size, they can gain entry into a property through the tiniest wall hole. They are responsible for causing highly infectious diseases including typhus fever, plague, salmonella, dysentery and others. Rat control in Burnaby, BC is important to maintain hygiene in your home or office.

Critical Damages Caused By Rats & Mice

One of the potential damages rats create is chewing away the wires and papers. They not only spread severe diseases and contaminate food, but can cause an excess of damage to your home and belongings. Rodents have extremely sharp teeth that allow them to gnaw on almost anything. If you are continuously hearing some awkward noises in your attic or basement, there might be rats over there.

  • Rats damage your home’s insulation.
  • They chew the floor joists and walls.
  • They cause fires by chewing cables.
  • They can ruin the stored foods & yards.

What We Do?

At Burnaby Pest, we are your local rat exterminators in Burnaby, BC who are licensed and skilled to control the unwanted rodent population. No matter, the infestation in your home or office is mild or severe, we are here to deliver long-term rat control and removal service. Our pest controllers are backed by the safe and reliable control methods to make your property completely rat-free. We offer:

  • Rat & Mice Inspection
  • Rat & Mice Control
  • Rat & Mice Extermination
  • Rat & Mice Trapping
  • Rat & Mice Prevention
  • Rat & Mice Proofing

Eco-friendly & Reliable Rat Extermination

The best way to prevent rats and mice from invading your residential and commercial property is by sealing your home for any cracks or crevices and by keeping the surroundings clean. Its advised to store the food in airtight containers to prevent them from contamination. At Burnaby Pest, we provide rat extermination and prevention services to make sure they won’t come back.

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