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Spider Control & Removal in BurnabySpiders are commonly found pests whose presence is both helpful and harmful to the homeowners. Helpful in a way as they eat away or consume the other tiny pests by trapping them in their webs and harmful in a way as they can even bite humans. There are thousands of spider species out there in Canada that is blamed to infest man-made properties. Spiders are very small in size with long limbs which helps them to crawl over the walls.

Some Lesser Known Facts About Spiders

  • No two spider webs are of same shape or pattern.
  • Funnel web spiders carry atraxotoxin in their bite.
  • Male spider plucks its cobweb in a guitar form.
  • Spiders have four legs touching the ground at one time.
  • Jumping spiders jump about 50 times their length.
  • Most spiders are short-sighted but have 4 sets of eyes.

What We Do?

At Burnaby Pest, we have a team of licensed spider control experts who offer humane and effective spider extermination in Burnaby, BC. No matter, you are facing a pest problem in your home or business, we know how to deal with these scary insects. Our eco-friendly treatments and products ensure a guaranteed solution to the problem along with offering long-term spider removal. Our exterminators have in-depth knowledge about spider species, their behavior and habitat. This allows us to identify the species that have invaded your home to provide targeted treatment. Some of the spider species we remove include:

  • Red-headed Spider
  • Huntsman Spider
  • Funnel-web Spider
  • White Tail Spider
  • Black House Spider
  • Mouse Spider
  • Garden Spider
  • Trap Door Spider
  • Wolf Spider
  • Brown Spider

Professional Spider Extermination & Prevention

Burnaby Pest offers peace of mind services, right from the spider inspection to prevention. Our foremost priority is to make your property free of these weird insects. To achieve this, we offer customized spider control in Burnaby,BC that is aimed to eliminate and prevent the harmful pest invasion. Few steps we follow include:

  • Vacuum the floors, corners and ceilings.
  • Remove noticeable spider webs.
  • Fill the gaps in walls, pipework and doors.
  • Remove the clutter from sheltering sites.
  • Deter away the insects that attract spiders.

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